If you are a teacher, teacher’s aide, early childhood worker, special education teacher, school counsellor or in a leadership position in a primary or high school, having an awareness and understanding of how childhood trauma affects children can help you, your staff, the child and the other children in the classroom.

You don’t need to know the specific events that have occurred in a child’s past but you do need to know how trauma affects the brain and how this can manifest in a child’s behaviour, mood, resilience, memory, learning, social interactions and sensory processing.

By understanding a little of what the child is living with and their daily struggles, we can contemplate looking at behaviour in a different light and seek more effective solutions in the classroom.

With knowledge comes understanding and empathy and a more effective approach to problematic behaviour. This facilitates improved behaviour and learning.

Child Trauma Consulting offers a three hour online course for educators – What All Educators Need to Know About Childhood Trauma. The course covers everything you need to know about childhood trauma for the classroom and is suitable professional development for educators worldwide. A face-to-face workshop version of the course is also available for schools in Australia and New Zealand.

By the end of the course, you will understand:

– what childhood trauma is and how frequently it occurs;

– how childhood trauma affects the brain;

– how childhood trauma affects behaviour and learning;

– how to see classroom behaviour through a trauma-informed lens;

– strategies and suggestions for a trauma- sensitive classroom and a trauma-sensitive school.

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