For schools only Workshop – What all educators need to know about childhood trauma

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This workshop is for schools.  For individuals, please select this course.

This is a four hour face-to-face workshop (plus breaks) facilitated by Robert Harris at your school or venue. Pricing varies depending on location and number of participants.  Call 0423721828 or email to make an enquiry.  Available in Australia and New Zealand only.

Helping traumatized children learn

Awareness and understanding childhood trauma is essential for educators to facilitate the best outcomes for all children in the classroom. Research has demonstrated links between childhood trauma and mood, behaviour, memory, learning and relationships as well as a host of correlations with negative outcomes in education, health, income and life expectancy in adult life.

Educators are familiar with conditioning based disciplinary policies.  However, some children simply do not respond to this type of discipline.  Yes, they know the rules but they will not follow them, no matter what the consequences are and no matter how many times you have told them.  This course explains this type of behaviour together with many other confusing presentations that educators see in the classroom.

This workshop will change forever the way you relate to children, especially the ones that have had a difficult start to life.

Teaching students with complex trauma

This course covers understanding what trauma is, how it is different to adverse childhood experiences, and how prevalent trauma is.  It looks at how trauma changes the brain and how this affects the mind and body, mood and behaviour.  The course has dedicated lessons on understanding classroom behaviour and managing classroom behaviour.  It provides detail for a trauma sensitive classroom and some insights into the trauma sensitive school.

Note: this course cannot be purchased online – please enquire to for further details of the course and a quote.

For a course for teachers covering the same content available 24/7 at your convenience, see our online child trauma course for educators.

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