If you like our philosophy of widening the base of trauma-informed educators, why not consider joining us as an affiliate?

If you have completed an educators or other professionals course and you think others might benefit from doing so, then we encourage you to become an affiliate.  Sign up is free and the program is very simple.  You may also be invited to become an affiliate on completion of a course.

After joining the program, you will receive your unique affiliate code.  When you tell your educator or professional friends or colleagues to sign up for a course, they can use your affiliate code at check out and they will receive a 20% discount on the price of the course (excluding tax, where applicable).  You will also receive a credit of 20% of the price of the course they paid (excluding tax, where applicable) to your affiliate account.  Each month your nominated account will be credited with your affiliate commissions for the previous month.

Affiliate status may be cancelled or revoked at any time, without notice, without cause.  All accrued commissions will be paid according to the timing referred to above.  The affiliate program may be cancelled at any time without notice.  The rates of discount and commission may be varied by Child Trauma Consulting at any time without notice.  Other offers, coupons and special promotions may be made by Child Trauma Consulting or its agents or partners to any person that have different (including more favourable) terms than those in this affiliate program.

All affiliates are acting as independent sub-contractors in their own capacity and are not agents or employees of Child Trauma Consulting.  Any representations or warranties made by an affiliate are not representations or warranties by Child Trauma Consulting.

In this way, you can help spread the word, help your friends and colleagues get a discount and enjoy being paid to do so.  The site Terms and Conditions apply.